We’re on a mission to unlock the full potential of the sound to make it sound sharper, more layered, and more powerful – just as it was intended to be heard.

To achieve our goal, we’ve established Klear, which is a collaboration project between CERTES.LV & Acoustic Power Lab.
The Certes.lv team has extensive experience in developing, providing and maintaining innovative and modern audiovisual solutions.
During our 10 years of experience in the field, we’ve come across many situations where we installed excellent interactive video solutions for professionals or private clients. However, the quality of sound has always been a struggle. Built-in solutions aren’t good enough, and high-end solutions are too expensive. Thus, we’ve created a line of products that provides an excellent sound experience.
Acoustic Power Lab complements our solutions by providing unmatched experience and knowledge in equalizing the Acoustic Power Frequency Response in their calibration/tuning process.
The engineer and founder of Acoustic Power Lab started to develop this technology after working for several years as a sound director. He noticed a big gap between the quality and clarity of sound that he heard in the recording studio and the quality of sound that was performed via different speakers afterward. In the beginning, this technology was proposed only to professionals.

“A great sound experience while watching TV or listening to music shouldn’t be a luxury.”

“Artists deserve to be heard exactly as they interpreted their music.”

Klear aims for everyone to reach and enjoy the highest quality of sound!


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