A sound experience previously available only to professionals

The LAYLA soundbar will ensure a clear and stunning sound experience.
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Each device
calibrated indivudually

Sleek design and clear sound at an affordable price

We’ve created the Klear LAYLA soundbar so you can experience a clear and powerful sound whether you’re listening to your favourite artist, watching TV or organizing a business meeting or presentation. To make this happen, we’ve combined state-of-the-art technologies and our unmatched knowledge in the field of acoustics.
Calibrated to provide an excellent sound experience
Individually calibrated, ready to use
Versatile connectivity
Compact design, powerful sound
Tuned to be sufficient without subwoofer

How do we ensure the exceptional sound experience?

We achieve this through a speaker calibration method performed on each and every soundbar. This allows us to propose to you the first mainstream soundbar that sounds like a high-end system professionals would use. 
We equalize the Acoustic Power Frequency Response of our Klear LAYLA soundbar’s loudspeakers, which for you means a unique, unadulterated sound experience – the best value on the market.
Sound Damaged
Sound Calibrated

About the technology

The APL speaker correction solution is based on the concept that a speaker’s performance should be assessed not by the sound pressure it generates, but by the sound (acoustic) energy (power) it emits.
With this technology, we get excellent sound quality for each speaker, since each model sounds different, even if manufactured in the same way. Almost all speaker manufacturers use conveyor-type calibration, i.e. all models are calibrated according to one principle where a device is normally placed at one point opposite the speaker and calibration is performed automatically based on the measurement of the sound pressure generated by the speaker.
Klear speakers use technology with much higher precision to help calibrate each speaker individually. A professional measures the performance of every speaker (how well the speaker reproduces tones of different pitches) so that it can be calibrated according to an original formula. This allows the speaker to play all tones equally well without changing the timbre of the recording or transmission tones (the sound is retained as it should be).
Klear’s use of this technology therefore enables listeners to hear each piece as it was recorded in the studio. All elements are played with equal force to ensure an excellent, clear sound.
The founder of Acoustic Power Lab has dedicated more than 18 years developing the main loudspeaker frequency characteristics correction technology, which is still being improved and perfected.
The founder of Acoustic Power Lab has received various awards, including the Excellence Prize at AES 2007 in New York, while Pro Sound News Europe deems SPFR (sound/acoustic power frequency response) correction technology to be one of the leading innovations in the field.

Where to enjoy LAYLA

While watching TV
Listening to music
Ensuring wow presentations
Bring joy to home parties
Make it sound professional at offices

Where to enjoy LAYLA

Enjoy proffesional and stunning sound experience for just 399 EUR

Free shipping
Dimensions and weight: Length 900 mm (35.43”), Width 98 mm (3.86”), Height 60 mm (2.36”), weight 2,7 kg (5,95 lb).
The speaker and grille: 4 loudspeakers SPCC steel that ensures great sound quality and resistance to impact.
The speaker body: MDF that suppress vibration to avoid any sound parasite and ensures clear sound and resistance to impact.
Inputs and connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0, Coaxial, Optical, HDMI ARC port, Subwoofer out, 3.5mm analog input, USB playback (supports MP3, WAV, WMA, APE, FLAC).
Automatic standby mode: within 15 minutes if no signal is received.
Controls: remote control (Power, TV source, volume, mute, Bluetooth), mini display screen that shows audio signal source, volume and track number if connected to USB.
Accessories: Power adapter, Remote control, User manual, HDMI cable, Optical audio cable, Coaxial audio cable, Stereo RCA to 3.5mm audio cable.
Speaker configuration: 2.0 standard. 2.1 when connected to an external subwoofer.
Claimed audio power: 38 Watts.
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Our team doesn’t practice a trial and error strategy!

Our team’s professionals have tested the Klear LAYLA prototype and we’ve also gathered a wide range of stakeholder knowledge around Europe. We’ve compiled and analyzed their feedback to improve our new product.

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