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FIR (finite impulse response) based loudspeaker system processor.
KLR range of products is all about getting the truest sound from your speakers. Even the best speakers and headphones introduce their own specific characteristics into playback, giving you a less-than-accurate reproduction of the original audio source.
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However, with KLR’s range of products, you can obtain a precise curve of your speakers with ease and create a suitable digital equalizer to achieve a perfectly balanced, linear frequency response for your speakers. This way you can achieve the most optimal sound that your speakers can provide most accurate sound playback in all environments – studio, live audio, or car – with relatively little expertise or expense.

KLR 1 LS is a FIR based 2 channel equalizer with 4096 coefficient FIR filters per channel allowing curve resolution of up to 6Hz. It can create any arbitrary Amplitude Frequency Response (AFR), Phase Frequency Response (PFR) or Delay Frequency Response (DFR) suitable for very detailed and accurate corrections and equalization in critical applications such as studio monitors, PA Systems, headphones, and car audio systems.
Key features
Key features
Frequency response equalization using 4096 FIR filters per channel.
Key features
USB connection allows the upload of correction filter files to KLR 1LS unit even in the middle of a live performance without any disturbances in sound.
Key features
The unit have a 16 preset memory accessible through an external, freely placeable rotary switch.
Key features
XLR model with AES/EBU digital in/out - 4 XLR connectors for analog in/out, 2 RCA– for SPDIF digital coaxial in/out, 2 TOSLINK digital in/out; 2 XLR for AES/EBU digital in/out.
Number of processing channels:
Frequency resolution of correction curve:
6 Hz, 4096 coefficients at 24 kHz bandwidth
2 x analog (XLR balanced), digital - SPDIF coaxial and TOSLINK optical, AES/EBU
2 x analog (XLR balanced), digital - SPDIF coaxial and TOSLINK optical, AES/EBU
Input/output analog signal max levels:
Analog input/output connection types:
Analog input impedance:
10 kOhm
Analog output impedance:
150 Ohm
Common mode signal rejection (CMSR) of analog input:
90 dB
Dynamic range (analog input/output):
104 dBA.
THD (analog input/output):
Signal delay:
1.6ms (analog input/output), 2.4ms (digital input/output)
Control and upload interface:
Interface computer operating system:
Microsoft Windows
6.5 to 16 V DC, 3.5 W.
16 presets, controllable by a rotary switch on the front panel.
220mm x 44mm x 145mm (1/2 of the 1U rack unit)
1055 g
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Subtab 1
Subtab 2
* 5 x LED, channel level indicator of witch first one indicates the signal, then 2 x indicators (blue) at -24dB, 1 x indicator at -12dB, and 1 x red at 0dB.
* All outputs works in parallel all the time, inputs are analog by default, but switch to the digital input as soon as detects the signal.
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