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FIR based 2 channel equalizer/DSP, 4 channel mixer
Compact size and cost-effective fully capable processor/DSP with FIR filter EQ (700 taps).
KLR1m is a member of the KLEAR KLR1 family of FIR based system equalizers. Very compact in size and cost-effective the KLR1 is a fully capable DSP with a FIR (finite impulse response) filter EQ (700 taps). A class compliant USB graphic interface makes it possible to configure every detail of your audio system and offers pre-configured design templates that can be used as starting points for a variety of DSP applications.
Quick and easy to install, it is ideal for small and medium sized event rooms, school classrooms, retail spaces and many more.
This pocket size unit can also be a great addition to every audio engineer’s tool kit.

KLR’s range of products is all about getting the most accurate sound from your speakers. Even the best speakers and headphones introduce their own specific characteristics during playback, thus giving you a less-than-accurate reproduction of the original audio source.

However, with KLR’s range of products, you can achieve a precise curve out of your speakers with ease and create a suitable digital equalizer to achieve a perfectly balanced linear frequency response for your speakers. This way you can attain the most optimal sound your speakers are capable of delivering as well as the most accurate sound playback in all kinds of environments: – studio, live audio or car – with relatively little expertise or expense.
Number of processing channels:
1 or 2 user configurable.
Frequency resolution of correction curve:
35 Hz, 700 coefficients for FIR filter @ 24 kHz bandwidth.
4 x analog, balanced.
2 x analog, balanced, 1 x analog stereo output.
Input/output analog signal max levels:
Analog input/output connection types:
3.5mm mini jack.
Analog input impedance:
20 kOhm.
Analog output impedance:
150 Ohm.
Common mode signal rejection (CMSR) of analog input:
60 dB.
Dynamic range (analog input/output):
98 dBA.
THD (analog input/output):
Signal delay:
Control and upload interface:
I2C (Inter-Integrated Circuit), with Micro USB connector
Interface management:
Sigma Studio Software by Analog Devices
5V 0.12A (0.6W)
113mm x 20mm x 70mm (L/H/W).
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